1. We use discretion. We do not show up in labeled vehicles or dressed like the cast of "Ghostbusters"
  2. We come as a small group of only a few people, size depending on the size of the location.
  3. We do our investigative work scientifically. No Ouija boards, psychics, tarot cards, etc.
  4. We will measure temperature, record audio & video, take EMF readings, & take photographs.
  5. We want to know why you have contacted us and we will listen to you without judgement.
  6. We will carefully analyze all the data we've collected, and get back to you as soon as possible with our findings.
  7. We will never enter areas of your location or touch anything within it without your permission.
  8. Your privacy will be respected. Nothing will be published on our website without permission from you.
  9. We will be courteous and professional as we go about our work.
  10. We will happily explain what we are doing at any time during our visit and answer any questions that you have.
  11. We never charge a fee of any kind for our services.
  12.  Feel free to contact us if you are having strange experiences on your property.